New World Little Gardens

Diane's story

I have already planted out or given away 5 courgette plants. I have a wonderful recipe for Sweet Zucchini Relish and am looking forward to making, eating and giving away, lots of jars this year. The big pink pot in the picture has a courgette plant plus I have planted the purple tansy seedlings in it to encourage the bees. This years Little Garden seedlings have been a great success for me, the only failure I have had is the first lot of sunflowers which got eaten by snails! I love that there are flowers included this year to encourage the bees. The nasturtiums are planted under the lemon tree, the sweet peas on my bean fence, the pansies are in a pot with one of the sunflowers and hopefully I will be able to keep the monachs off the swan plants until they are big enough to cope.\r\n