New World Little Gardens

once the seedlings have been re-potted is it okay to keep them in a glasshouse? thanks

Yes, it would be fine to keep your Little Garden seedlings in a glasshouse. Some of the more tender crops (that is the ones that do best in warmer conditions) like sweetcorn, watermelon and tomatoes, will appreciate the extra warmth in late spring! Just keep a close eye on the temperature in your glasshouse on really sunny days now and as the hot weather hits (hopefully!) later in the year. Glasshouses can get very hot, very quickly. There are a lot of variables that can affect the temperature, but as a rule of thumb, if it's more than 20 deg C outside, the temperature in a sealed up glasshouse can reach about 35 deg C and that's means your plants will quickly fry! So check regularly, especially as it gets warmer, and open the vents or prop open the door to keep things at a more pleasant temperature.