New World Little Gardens

On most of my plants, all 3 seed have sprouted (especially the cucumber). All of your guides say to thin them out and use the strongest looking one. Can i plant all 3 sprouts using the biodegradable pot? Can i split the sprouts and plant all 3 caref

It's not a great idea to let all the plants keep growing from that Little Garden soil pellet, as they will be competing for the same supply of nutrients and water which is why the advice on the suggests thinning down to the strongest growing one. The best way to do this is the nip the other seedlings off at the base with your fingernails (if you pull out the seedlings you want to discard you risk disturbing the roots of the one you want to keep!). However, it is possible to try and remove the "spare" seedlings and try and establish them as separate plants, although how you do that varies a little depending on the crop. Your Little Garden cucumber (and also watermelon and pumpkin) have very delicate roots , so you want to try and thin the seedlings as soon as possible. I wouldn't suggest trying to replant the root crops which are extremely sensitive to root disturbance. But whatever you are thinning, make sure the soil is damp before you attempt to thin your seedlings and do it as carefully as possible. With the seedlings you have removed, plant them in a small pot containing seed raising mix or potting mix and gently water them to firm up the soil around their roots.