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My yellow bean has sprouted and is quite big now. However the (what I think are the beans) are turning yellow and falling off. Is this normal? The rest of the plant is green and healthy.

Well, the beans are yellow so if it is the beans they should turn yellow! But I would be pretty surprised if you had beans on your plant already, so could it be the flowers that are falling off? Most bean plants naturally drop flowers early in the season and that should pass as your plant gets more established. But flower drop or leaf drop (if it's the leaves that are falling off) can also be a sign of stress on beans (and on lots of other plants). Stress can be caused by lots of things, such as too much or not enough water, or a temperature that's too hot or too cold. Find out more about your yellow bean seedling here make sure you are giving your plant the ideal conditions that beans need. Good luck!