New World Little Gardens

My sweetcorn seed has only got a little green point coming out the bottom but has stopped growing what do i do?

Once it has germinated, sweetcorn grows pretty quickly (sweetcorn is from the same plant family as grass, so just think how quickly your lawn grows when it's warm), so the fact it seems to have stopped growing is a bad sign. Sweetcorn will only grow when it's warm (the seed won't grow at all if the soil is less than 13 degree C). Could your plant be in too cold a spot? Have you moved it outside already? It's best to wait until the start of November, even in warmer parts of the country. Or do you have it on a windowsill? Plants by the window can be affected by cooler night-time temperatures. If it's been in the soil a while in too cold a spot, I'm afraid moving it somewhere warmer won't save it, sorry. Hopefully all your other Little Garden crops are growing well!