New World Little Gardens

I'm thinking about creating a vertical vegetable garden this year with your wonderful little garden plants! Would it be possible to let me know which plants you think would be suitable for something like this?

Vertical gardens are a great option for growing crops in small spaces, but as the amount of soil that the edible plant is growing in is limited, shallow rooted and low-growing crops are your best bet. Try your Little Garden lettuce, kale and silverbeet, as well as basil, coriander, oregano and thyme. Your Little Garden pansy should grow well too.  The most important thing is getting the watering right, as it's hard to difficult to evenly water all the plants in a vertical space, as it has a tendency to go straight to the bottom! Always start with a good potting mix that contains a wetting agent to ensure the soil in your vertical garden holds as much water as possible.  Good luck!