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I have a sweetcorn plant from last year but I don't know when is the right time to start growing it. can you help me, please?

By hasya kandula | Asked 17 months ago

Sweetcorn is a heat-lover and won't survive outside if it's too cold. Find out how to grow and raise your sweetcorn seed...

Will there be a 2018 promo

By Peter Clapcott | Asked 18 months ago

Watch this space! Some exciting things are ahead, as New World believes that sustainability and doing what’s right for t...

Should the leaves on the sweetcorn be standing up? Mine are falling down and somewhat resting on the soil

By Emily Lauder | Asked 2 years ago

As it’s growing, your sunflower will need support: tie it to a garden stake or bamboo cane. It'll need this support as y...

We harvested the corn today, it grew well, but tastes like Maize! Very dissappointing for our daughter. Was there a seed mix up perhaps?

By Christopher Morrison | Asked 2 years ago

Sweetcorn has a quite a narrow window for harvesting, as its delicious sweet flavor doesn't last long due to the sugar i...

when you plant you sweetcorn does it become a hole field or just one corn stalk

By gabby smith | Asked 2 years ago

Your Little Garden sweetcorn seedling should produce a few sweetcorn plants, but not a whole field.  You can find out ho...

How deep in the soil do I re-plant my seedling?

By Rebekah Rudman | Asked 2 years ago

The hole should be a bit deeper than the pot you are transferring it from and twice as wide. The roots of your sweetcorn...

How long do we have to microwave the corn to eat it?-Tessa

By Sharlene Rangi-Brown | Asked 2 years ago

Depends on your microwave and the settings, but normally microwave for 3 to 5 minutes.

My sweetcorn seed has only got a little green point coming out the bottom but has stopped growing what do i do?

By michael verissimo | Asked 2 years ago

Once it has germinated, sweetcorn grows pretty quickly (sweetcorn is from the same plant family as grass, so just think ...

When should I repot my sweetcorn?

By Morgan Shackleton | Asked 2 years ago

Check out our handy planting guide that tells you when is the best time to plant each Little Garden seedling, when it sh...