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I have planted the oregano from last year, it has grown well, but i don't think it's oregano. It has no smell of oregano and no taste. The leaves look similar but are a lighter colour than i was expecting. Could it be something else?

By Anna Eady | Asked 14 months ago

Oregano does best in full sun and if it is grown in partial sun, it will be less flavourful. Likewise, its flavour will ...

Why is my Oregano taking so long to grow

By Sharna Simons | Asked 2 years ago

Your oregano might just be a slow starter, so give it time. Seedlings are commonly affected by a soil-borne fungal infec...

My first time at this,-does the round white piece holding the seeds go under or over the brown dirt when I plant it?

By Diane Wilcock | Asked 2 years ago

The white seed mat should be buried under the soil, but not too deeply. Find out how to plant your Little Garden seedlin...

My oregano was planted at the same time as the rest of my plants but has taken longer to sprout. Is this normal and what should I expect in the next weeks?

By Lauren Warne | Asked 2 years ago

Check out our handy planting guide that tells you when is the best time to plant each Little Garden seedling, when it sh...