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How do you eat nasturtium?

By Emma Dilemma | Asked 3 days ago

You can pick and eat nasturtium leaves and flowers when they’re young, as they start to taste peppery when they mature. ...

What are the best conditions, food,water etc for growing the star flower indoors please

By Malinda Hanks | Asked 6 days ago

Your Little Garden starflower (borage) should thrive in a pot with a good quality potting mix, as this is specially form...

I've received seedling kits that don't seem to be on the list. Seeds like capsicum, cress and spring onion.

By Summer Hutchins | Asked 7 days ago

You were the lucky recipient of some 2016 Little Garden seedlings which should still be fine to plant and grow.  You can...

My first time at this,-does the round white piece holding the seeds go under or over the brown dirt when I plant it?

By Diane Wilcock | Asked 9 days ago

The white seed mat should be buried under the soil, but not too deeply. Find out how to plant your Little Garden seedlin...

I have 2 nasturtium's sprouting in each of my 2 seed pots, when I plant them do I leave them in the pot or should I separate them out? Same question for the sweat pea and swan plant

By Sarah-Jane Connell | Asked 10 days ago

You should separate out your seedlings and plant them individually in your garden or a pot. Find out how to re-pot your ...

when you plant you sweetcorn does it become a hole field or just one corn stalk

By gabby smith | Asked 11 days ago

Your Little Garden sweetcorn seedling should produce a few sweetcorn plants, but not a whole field.  You can find out ho...

I have already replanted my courgettes into bigger pots. They have been in and out of the house. A lot of the leaves got burnt / dried up in the sun, but the plants are starting to flower. Should I remove the dried leaves or leave them?

By Barbara Chin | Asked 13 days ago

Remove any dried leaves from your plants and then you can move them outside for good. Your courgettes should flourish ou...

How high do yellow beans grow, are they climbers?

By Jennifer Hemopo | Asked 14 days ago

Our Little Garden yellow bean is a dwarf bean plant, so doesn’t need a trellis or a tripod to climb. It will naturally o...

I still have several Little Garden seeds left and they are still in its original package. Would it keep until next year 2018 ?

By Len Girvan | Asked 15 days ago

If you keep your seedlings in cool and dry place they will be fine to plant next year, as the soil tablets have a best b...