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I got a Leek seed (Allium Porrum), but could not find any relevant info in this site. How long is the sprouting time, repotting time, harvest time?

By Suat Lee | Asked 5 days ago

You can find the 2016 Little Garden seedling guide here.

how many days do yellow beans take to grow?

By cool fool | Asked 5 days ago

Your yellow beans should be ready to harvest about 2 months after being moved in to your garden. Yellow beans are tastie...

My Pumpkin is tall and healthy but suddenly started the leaves to become yellow and die. Is happening quite quick and I don´t find anything that make sense on the internet.

By Fernando Rodriguez | Asked 15 days ago

Pumpkins are a very thirsty crop and one of the most common causes of yellow leaves is a lack of water and/or hot weathe...

My watermelon is dark green outside but hard white flesh inside that’s not sweet. Was it picked to early or is it something else?

By Nicole Hilder | Asked 18 days ago

It sounds like you harvested your watermelon a little early, as the inside changes from white to red when it's ripe. Wat...

What colour are the capsicum peppers meant to be.

By Wendy Jenkins | Asked 32 days ago

The 2016 Sweet California Wonder capsicums will change from green to red as they mature on the vine. You can eat them wh...

Should the leaves on the sweetcorn be standing up? Mine are falling down and somewhat resting on the soil

By Emily Lauder | Asked 32 days ago

As it’s growing, your sunflower will need support: tie it to a garden stake or bamboo cane. It'll need this support as y...

My yellow beans have grown really well. I have a lot of beans at the moment - all getting rather large but none have yet turned yellow. Do you need to wait for them to turn yellow before harvesting them?

By Rachel Briggs | Asked 33 days ago

Your yellow beans will be ready to harvest 2 months after planting and should be a nice pale yellow colour before pickin...

Hi, what variety is the Cherry tomato from 2017 promotion? Thanks in advance for your feedback, Jess

By Alexandra Bracci | Asked 34 days ago

The tomato variety is 'Russian Red'. You can find more about these tomatoes here:

Do you have any spare seedlings remaining from last year's promotion that I might be able to have? We'd love to give one each to the kids at a children's programme we are running.

By Ainslie Ryder | Asked 40 days ago

Unfortunately the Little Garden seedling kits were only available for the duration of the promotion at New World in 2017...