New World Little Gardens

How to re-pot your seedling

  • If your Little Garden seedling grows too big for its seedling pot before its warm enough to plant it outside then you’ll need to re-pot it in a larger pot. A sign that your seedling needs re-potting is if you can see the roots of the plant growing through the drainage hole at the bottom of the seedling pot.

  • If you are transplanting your seedling into a pot as an interim measure, use a small or medium-sized pot. If you are planning to grow your seedling in a pot for a long while, then use a pot that’s big enough for what you are trying to grow. Crops like lettuce and herbs will cope in relatively small and shallow containers, but in tomatoes and vining crops (like cucumbers, pumpkins and watermelons) need a pot that’s at least 50cm in diameter. In general the bigger the pot, the better.

  • If you’re shifting your seedlings into pots, use a good seed-raising or potting mix. Don’t use your garden soil because it’s likely to be full of weed seeds and fungal infections.

  • To re-pot your seedling, fill the bottom two-thirds of your pot with potting mix and ease your Little Garden seedling out of its seedling pot - try not to disturb the soil around the roots. Place your seedling in the centre of the pot and fill the space around it with more potting mix, pressing it down with your hands. When the soil around the plant is firm, gently water, making sure you don’t wash soil away from the roots of your newly planted seedling.

  • The seedling pot is biodegradable, so you can also plant the seedling and the pot straight into the soil, as the wood pulp should break down and allow the roots of your seedling to push right through it. To assist the pot breaking down, soak the whole pot thoroughly in either water or a very diluted liquid seedling fertiliser, before planting it in the soil. Make sure the biodegradable pot is completely covered and the top lip is not left sticking out of the ground, as it will act as a moisture wick and draw water away from the roots, where it is needed.