New World Little Gardens

Good soil

This is a subjective term because some plants require more specific soils than others.

Some like more alkaline, some like more acidic. Some prefer coastal limestone-based soils, others prefer more clay-based soils.

As a general rule, soil is considered ‘good’ when it has particular levels of sand, clay, organic matter and silt. This ‘good’ soil has a name and that is loam. There are slight variations in what is considered loam (there is light and heavy loam, for example) but they are just small differences in the overall make-up. For the purposes of this, ‘good soil’ is a medium loam, so smack bang in the middle of heavy and light loams.

Roughly speaking, a medium loam has the following ingredients:

  • 10% Coarse sand (BIG sand particles)
  • 45% Fine sand (SMALL sand particles)
  • 20% Silt
  • 15% Clay, and
  • 10% Organic matter & moisture.

These percentages are just estimates, but they give you an idea of what it takes to make your soil good.